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.::.It takes me all the way; I want you to stay.::.

Well dang, almost a decade later and I'm back in the blog that pretty much started it all! (Okay, that's stretching it, considering I started on LiveJournal as ever good emo kid does, but this blog had the most clout at one point)
WordPress was great, don't get me wrong, but this one always felt like home to me. Also, I'm using the Android app to update so I'm aware the links and such are not working; I will fix them at some point.

Until then, let's get started!

In the past 6-8 years, there have been many boyfriends, apartments, and so much drama I don't even know where to begin. I think we should just stick to the last couple years. It'll just be easier that way.
In 2014, I moved from NY to Tennessee with a guy who basically promised to marry me if I moved south with him. Obviously that didn't pan out because I'm back in NY. Have been since 2015. 2016, I moved back to my hometown of Amsterdam, NY, where I had a really nice apartment with Cindy …
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The only reason I keep this site around is to follow my friends who still use Blogger, but if you'd like to read about me go to I tend to update decently and detailed.

Okay, got it? =D

until next we meet...


I love how I go a couple months without updating here then come back with so many new stories! :D When we last left off I was getting over Casey, still stuck on Lvlien while planning to move closer to him for college, and Dollface & I were inseparable.

And now...the update!

I have the most amazing boyfriend ever! Seriously, this one is going to last. We have so much in common [both personality and interest wise], my family loves him, and I know I love him too! His name is Justin, and without him I'd be so lost. He's really there for me through everything, and I know he loves me for me. We met while I was hanging out at FMCC and he was taken but liked Tawny. Long story short, he dated Tawny for 3 weeks, they broke up, I waited a few, then ATTACKED! Okay, not ATTACKED! but I did ask him out and he said yes :D Friday we will have been together for one amazing month, which y'all know is a big feat for me these days. I'm just so glad he's happy with me and we make eac…

"'Cause I'm lonely & I'm blue, I need you, & your love too..." ~ Fontella Bass!

Call me a weirdo but I love older music. For real, anything from the 1950s, later 1960s, scattered 1980s, 1990s, and early to mid 2000s (and the occasional new song/artist) make me a happy panda :D Working at Rite Aid I hear a bunch of songs I've come to fall in love "Rescue Me".

Alright, here it goes. I'm sorry, readers; I've lied to you on several occasions. I said "Casey and I are done, I'm done, No going back" but he started texting me again, saying he loved me and that he's always loved me, he wants to marry me, blah blah blah, so what do I do? Granted, I know dang well he's a lost cause, I still take him back and wanted to help him. Today he stops talking to me, deleted me from Facebook, and refused to answer his phone. This time, I'm SERIOUS! I'm done. I can't take this anymore. He's got multiple personalities or Bi-polar or something seriously mentally wrong with him that I'm not able to help solve (yet…

"Who would win in a fight - a big, strong guy or an invisible fat guy? " ~ Dr. Burton [Ed]

By request of Dollface I've returned here :P I've been updating my LiveJournal more often nowadays because I can do so right from my phone [ahem, Creators of Blogger, take notes! ;D].

Casey and I are officially not speaking and are over FOR GOOD! Seriously, I can't take his drama anymore, and he seems to have found a new girl to use anyways. Good for him, have a nice life. Lvlien are still talking on occasion; sometimes I feel like he's more interested than others but it's also because we haven't seen each other in person in a month almost. Once I go to college out there it'll all be okay :)
And yes, I do plan on going to college in the Utica/Rome area. Mohawk Valley Community College. If all goes well, I'll transfer to a Rite Aid out there and everything will be all hunky-dunky :P
Also, recently I've gotten back in touch with an old friend from 2008, Chris. He used to live in Florida but now he's in Virginia. We talked for a good 2 hou…

"No, she's dead. This is her son." ~ Kurt from GLEE!

And it's back to me being on my own again. Casey ran away, it seems. My text messages and phone calls go unnoticed, which is just proof that he and I aren't meant to be. Honestly, I could've told you all that much sooner but whatever. Lvlien and I are still talking so I'm remaining hopeful and trying to not get super attached yet, which we all know is difficult for me :/

I think this is just proof I need to concentrate on me, myself, and I for a while. I can like the guys, and heck I can even love them, but maybe a relationship isn't perfect for me right now. And my standards are going to go way up. I want someone like me; someone who wants love and all that, someone who can be random and giggle at stupid, corny things, someone who likes to cuddle more than have sex. Honestly, that sounds like Dollface but he and I are just friends, and we're happy that way.
I want someone who can sit on the phone with me for hours and not get bored. Someone who will watch my fav…

Random venting session at 12:30am

The old adage says "Old habits die hard". Well, in my life, it seems to be "Exboyfriends don't know when enough is enough". For instance, just when I start to get over one of them, 3 of them come out of the woodwork and begin attempting to woo me back. Seriously, some of them I've dated 2, 3, even 4 times; it's just a hopeless cause if we got back together. I can honestly tell you how it would end and when, and that's pretty bad.
For right now I'm living the "Whatever happens, happens" lifestyle, and I'm loving it. I get to be me and not have to answer to anyone over anything. Yes, I still look to Dollface, Cora, and now Lvlien for advice, but that's a given. I don't have all the answers to everything, and sometimes they seem to :)

"I've got no strife; I'm loving life. Could you say the same?" ~ Smash Mouth :)
until next we meet...